Avoid Disastrous ‘Cultural Disconnects’ When Entering New Markets
Avoid Disastrous ‘Cultural Disconnects’ When Entering New Markets
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Avoid Disastrous ‘Cultural Disconnects’ When Entering New Markets

Companies armed with cultural knowledge can position themselves for great success in global online markets. Learn more in our new e-book.


Growing companies have long known that the smartest way to serve consumers in new markets is to literally speak their preferred languages. For instance: brick-and-mortar retailers that expand into global markets wouldn't dare offer in-store signage in a language local consumers couldn't read!

The same can be said for business websites and e-commerce endeavors. Resonant, authentic translations are "table stakes" for companies that want to reach new customers in international markets. But unless companies go beyond translation and illustrate a deep knowledge of a market's culture, shopping habits, technological preferences and more in their marketing, local consumers will often sense a "cultural disconnect," and mosey on to other online stores and solutions.

Those are high stakes. And these cultural nuances are rarely obvious for newcomers to emerging markets.

But your company can discover some of these cultural differences—and how to savvily address them—with the knowledge found in our latest e-book, Fluency Isn’t Enough. It provides winning tactics to serve global customers using translation and powerful cultural insights:

Inside, you'll discover why website content should be unique and relevant to each global target market, and how highly-localized translations can really pay off. We share some client experiences, and success stories, to illustrate our best practices.

You’ll also learn about social media networks that are popular throughout the world, and why engaging consumers on these networks—in their preferred languages—can really move the sales needle.

The e-book is free. Download it today, to gain a greater understanding about why translation is an important … but not the only … key to success in global markets. Fluency isn't enough. Context and cultural relevance make all the difference!


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