Best Practices for Brand Translations
Best Practices for Brand Translations
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Best Practices for Brand Translations

Great care must be taken when presenting a brand's unique voice to consumers in other markets, writes a MotionPoint exec.


Good translations require linguistic fluency, writes Charles Whiteman in a recent blog post at Talking New Media. But great translations—what MotionPoint calls “brand-perfect” translations—require creativity, cultural knowledge and an awareness of a brand’s voice and verve.

Brand-perfect translations are particularly important when companies enter new online markets, wrote Whiteman, MotionPoint’s VP of Client Services.

"When international consumers have their choice, they'll drop (English content) for content in their own language" nearly every time, Whiteman wrote. "In fact, 60% of English-fluent global consumers rarely or never make purchases on English-language websites."

To combat this attrition rate, companies should provide artfully-crafted online content, presented in their languages of choice. Whiteman then provided several insights regarding brand-perfect translations, and how they can generate surges in website traffic, conversions and revenue.

Read the full story at Talking New Media.


MotionPoint について

MotionPoint は、世界中の市場にいる新規顧客の暮らしに魅力と活力を与えることで、ワールドクラスのブランドの成長を支援します。

MotionPoint のターンキープラットフォームは、革新的な技術、ビッグデータ、世界に通用する翻訳チーム、国際マーケティングの専門知識と融合し、世界で最も効果的なウェブサイト翻訳サービスをもはるかに超えた価値を生み出しています。MotionPoint のアプローチは、これまでになく競争の激化するオンライン / オフラインの世界市場で成功するために必要な品質、セキュリティ、拡張性を保証します。


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